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Cricket Icontest
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Welcome to Cricket Stills, a cricket icontest! Every week a new picture/theme will be posted. You make icons according to the challenge. You vote. And you win. Simple?

The "stillness" phenomena was started by quebelly who got tired of seeing mediocre animated icons win over well designed still icons so she decided to create a contest where animation wasn’t allowed. And thus the stillness movement began! Interested in starting your own stillness community? Check out mod_stillness

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Save the picture at the beginning of the week and design an icon out of it. No other images will be allowed. Use brushes, text, effects & so on to create an original icon. After your icon is done, leave it and its url in a comment to the challenge post.

1) No animation allowed. Use only the image provided. You may use brushes, text, and non-animated effects to create your icon.
2) All entries must remain anonymous until the voting is over.
3) You may NOT vote for yourself, nor get your friends to vote for you.
4) Please be sure your entry fits LJ's standards. GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.

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Well this one is not exactly a stillness community but well, it IS the BEST place for cricket icons in the eljay world. Go join it now if you haven't yet.

The Clemence Poesy Stillness Community.For the people in love with this french actress who played Fleur Delacour in GoF

The Rahul Dravid LJ Community. Love the guy? Join today!

The ultimate Indian Cricket Community on LJ. A must-join for every Indian Cricket fan!

The Claim a Cricketer Community. Go claim your favourite cricketer!

Tell us if you want your community name here. We are looking for affiliates.

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The community mods are aaskie and anisha_a. Contact us if you have any questions.

Layout by faceon
Header by aaskie
Rules almost taken from nat_stillness